The Woman from Mossad

After three years’ military service, Mordechai Vanunu answered an ad for a control room job at the nuclear research center near Dimona. In 1976 he was assigned to Mochon 2, where he discovered the nuclear weapons program that he later divulged to Peter Hounam.

This is his story.

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One of Britain’s best-known investigative journalists, Peter Hounam has studied murder and corruption in many countries. With The Sunday Times Insight Team he broke the story of Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear whistleblower.

In 1997, he exposed the dangerous world of international cigarette smuggling for BBC Television. In the same year, he won the What The Papers Say Scoop of the Year Award. At age 55, he counts among his accomplishments the book Who Killed Diana? and an exposé of South Africa’s nuclear weapons program.

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