The Mini-Nuke Conspiracy

In 1993, F.W. de Clerk admitted to the world that South Africa’s apartheid regime had secretly built six atom bombs, pledging however that all had been destroyed. Revealing evidence to the contrary, the authors suggest that the world has been deceived, creating a nuclear nightmare for Mandela.

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In 1993, F. W. de Klerk, outgoing President of South Africa, astonished the world by admitting that the apartheid regime had secretly built six atom bombs. But he pledged that, on his personal instructions, they had all been destroyed. South Africa was hailed as a unique example of a nation unilaterally ridding itself of a nuclear arsenal.

The frightening truth, as The Mini-Nuke Conspiracy reveals, is that the world has been hoodwinked. Piecing together the evidence with the help of scores of witnesses, the authors discover that South Africa not only made A-bombs but went on to produce an array of advanced tactical nuclear weapons. It did so with the help of allies in America, Britain and Israel.

Hounam and McQuillan show how a mysterious chemical called red mercury was responsible for a string of gruesome murders. They discovered that red mercury was a key component of a new type of battlefield mini-nuke. These so-called ‘clean bombs’ have the capacity to kill while leaving behind minimal radioactive fallout.

Most worrying of all, some nuclear weapons may be in the hands of right-wing extremists who are demanding their own white-dominated homeland – creating for President Nelson Mandela a nuclear nightmare.

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