John Simpson on Peter Hounam

Foreword into Peter Hounam’s book ‘Operation Cyanide’, a forerunner to his new investigation:

“This (the USS Liberty attack) is an extraordinary story: one of the most extraordinary, perhaps, of the entire twentieth century…. A hasty American inquiry immediately afterwards called it a ‘bonafide mistake’. That seems, to say the least, a little implausible.

Yet this is the official version, which stands to this day. Any other mention – that of the Liberty’s surviving crew members, for instance – has been extremely hard to establish because of the intensity of the security blanket which the Israelis and Americans wrapped around the entire incident. The blanket still remains in place; yet this book provides sufficient evidence for any open-minded person to see that something else lies beneath: something very disturbing.

“Peter Hounam’s research is compelling, and the story which unfolds in these pages is riveting. It is time a little daylight was shed on Operation Cyanide. This book does precisely that, and we should be very grateful for it.”

– Paris; October 2002